Thoughts on Feb 5

Allrighty.  So what’s going on?

  1.  Trump crazy
  2. Condo at attractive price
  3. Savings and investments on track
  4. Yoga on track for the year
  5. Social life kinda crap
  6. Plenty of work at work

Today is the super bowl.  My social life is crappy enough that I wasn’t invited to any super bowl parties, and to be fair, I’m crappy enough that I didn’t host a superb owl party, even when I have this 135 inch screen.

I haven’t had any more migraines recently, which I credit to the aggressive consumption of… food.  Something I’ve been thinking about when I’m alone is why I don’t enjoy it.  You can say, “oh, because you’re lonely.”  But that’s kind of circular.  More specifically, what about being around other people is most important?  Talking at them?  Talking with them?  Listening to them?  Thinking about their issues?  Smelling them?  Seeing them?  Being dragged by them to eat better food or leave the condo?  It is definitely some combination of these.  Obviously some people use TV to try and replace some of these aspects.  What vital ingredient is TV missing?  Interactivity?  I chat online and via text with other people  It’s satisfying, but it’s a pale, sad shadow of the real world.



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