Windfall or CURSE!?

I had some shares in one of the companies I worked for, and they sold back in 2014.  In 2016, the money was finally released for payment, but I waited because they needed some annoying paperwork to verify me, and I procrastinated (a loooong time) sending it.  Anyhow, now that the hermit period is in full swing, I finally got around to sending / finishing that paperwork.  So they send me ANOTHER annoying email linking to some super secret thing asking for yet more scanned and signed shit.  I get through that yesterday.

It was for $250.  That’s why I procrastinated.  $250 is nice but it’s not life changing, and I didn’t have any stamps on hand.

Anyhow, today I got a $250 wire transfer, so that was nice.  And then I got a separate $1750 wire transfer.  WTF!?  Not sure if it’s a mistake or of  that’s the actual value of my stock?  The documents they sent me were confusing, and all the monthly updates ever said was $250.  Maybe it was a gain instead of a loss?  Or it’s a mistake and they’ll ask for the money back.  Not sure.  I guess I should go back and look at the paperwork, but it’s really dense and annoying.

[update: I went back and found the old paperwork.  The $2000 is legit!  I get to keep it!  $700 invested, $2000 back.  Woohoo.]

$19,638 + $5,700 tax refund + $5,000 feb savings = $30,338.  $48k minus $30,338 is only $17,662!  BLAMCO.  After that it would just be March, April, May to finish it off.  The extra tax money and stock windfall has me ahead by almost a month ($4700).  Of course, it won’t go down exactly that way, but it’s still pretty cool.  And I’m at a place where I have over 6 months of expenses saved.


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