Broke. Ass.

$350 in the bank account, and I get paid next Wednesday.  Last grocery trip was Feb 7 for $33.  I’m happy I’ve been able to live off of that.  I should go again either tonight or tomorrow – I’m out of milk, half and half, distilled water, and low on other things (cheese, frozen fish dinners, etc.).  I think there’s another $100ish due for my phone bill, but that’s the last thing before my next paycheck, so $350 should be plenty.

Last night I started thinking about… ok, once the condo is paid off, it’s likely I’ll decide to torture myself in some new way.  The most obvious way is to cut things off the budget that I think I like but maybe aren’t that great, like Internet and Netflix.  I have enough movies and TV shows stored that I really don’t need Netflix.  Internet, I might need, but definitely not the $75 version I pay for now (although TBH the lower priced packages are much, much slower).  I mooched internet from neighbors for the first year or two I live here, so maybe I can try that again.

Anyway, I decided to tally everything up.  What is in my budget that sustains live, and what is in my budget that is probably overrated.

Hoa $320
Gas $100
Pge $75
Food $500
Insurance $200
Tax $200

This is the stuff that seemed unavoidable to me.  Insurance and gas to get to work.  HOA fee, power, and taxes to live in teh condo, and $500 of food money to stay alive.  I should probably factor in copays for regular doctor and dentist visits…

The waste parts of my budget are:

Storage $130
Internet $75
Netflix $10
Phone $105

Not that much.  But if you say $320 * 12 months * 25, you end up with about $100k, meaning I need to have $100k extra in the bank to maintain these 4 expenses.  The storage especially is super questionable, because I don’t even access it on a regular basis.

But then backing up, this analysis is based on a budget I’ve already acknowledged hampers my social life… the real challenge is making that $100k ASAP, not how will a software engineer cut his Internet access.  It is worth noting though, that this budget suggests that a $2000 monthly spend rate, which would correspond to a $600k nest egg is achievable.  Then it’s just a question of how quickly I can save more money to increase the spend rate.


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