Michael Lewis has a new book coming out (“The Undoing Project” – just used my Audible credit on it) about the authors of “Thinking, Fast and Slow.”  He also has an interesting interview with Obama somewhere.  I heard this all on NPR today:

While driving around to get the cash to get a haircut.  The ATM charged me $3 to withdraw $40.  That’s a 7% tax with use your own money – pretty crazy!  My bank reimburses me for charges like this, so Bank of America, once again, can go fuck themselves.  Another reason I’ll be glad to sever relations with them when the mortgage is paid off.

After the haircut, I shaved, so now I feel more like a worthwhile human.  Before I left, I cleaned the cat water, started the dishwasher, and later today I might even be able to do laundry.  Wow!  I’d be such a responsible adult if I did ALL that… in addition to the mandatory yoga today.

I found a video about mansions in Fallout 4.  I guess if I can’t have a real mansion, I might as well stare at a computer screen where somebody I don’t know talk about mansions that don’t actually exist.


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