Three Day Weekend

I have tomorrow off.  I spend most of my time today inside.  I did a few things to feel productive (vacuum, clean, etc.) but for the most part I played games and read things online.  I had a brief trip to the grocery to pick up a few things (water, half and half, etc.).  Evening came and I was feeling down, so I did some reading on why staying inside is depressing.  Then 8:30PM arrived and I forced myself through a mild 28 minute yoga routine.  That helped some, but it’s a bit like being cured via injection from a long needle.  I’m paying special attention to myself, both so that I don’t get too depressed but also so that I better understand how the feelings are operating, because other people go through the same thing while trying to save money.

It was rainy today.  I should’ve taken a walk earlier in the day.  Goal for tomorrow.

It’s an interesting topic for me – what do we consider a unit of accomplishment?  Beating a level or washing the dishes – what is the criteria we use to distinguish between started and finished.  How can we better construct our lives to plan when these finishing points hit.

For example:

  • how is accomplishment linked to social validation?
  • how is accomplishment linked to task isolation (e.g. if you climb mount everest and reach the top, that’s great, but if you still have to get back down, the trip isn’t over yet)
  • how is accomplishment related to biological time spans (e.g. attention span and sleep / wake cycle)
  • how is accomplishment related to previous accomplishments?

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