Auto Insurance bill


This takes care of the March budget hiccup.  The next budget hiccup is home insurance in May for $900ish.  The last time I paid home insurance, it cost $827.  Technically I think I don’t have to pay it until June, and my plan has me close to finishing by June 1, so maybe some miracle will happen and I’ll actually end up finished early.

I went to Frys today.  Was really tempted to get a raspberry pi 3 but then left without buying anything.  Lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of cortisol buildup over time… if the buildup can outlive the night.   Is that the reason for vacations?  What can I do to lower my cortisol levels?  Yoga time…

Looks like a beer is never the answer:

The body responds to stress through a hormone system called the hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal (HPA) axis. Stimulation of this system results in the secretion of stress hormones (i.e., glucocorticoids). Chronic excessive glucocorticoid secretion can have adverse health effects, such as Cushing’s syndrome. Alcohol intoxication activates the HPA axis and results in elevated glucocorticoid levels. Ironically, elevated levels of these stress hormones may contribute to alcohol’s pleasurable effects. With chronic alcohol consumption, however, tolerance may develop to alcohol’s HPA axis-activating effects. Chronic alcohol consumption, as well as chronic glucocorticoid exposure, can result in premature and/or exaggerated aging. Furthermore, the aging process affects a person’s sensitivity to alcohol and HPA axis function. Thus, a three-way interaction exists among alcohol consumption, HPA axis activity, and the aging process. The aging process may impair the HPA axis’ ability to adapt to chronic alcohol exposure. Furthermore, HPA axis activation may contribute to the premature or exaggerated aging associated with chronic alcohol consumption. KEY WORDS: aging; glucocorticoids; hypothalamic-pituitary axis; pituitary-adrenal axis; chronic AODE (effects of AOD [alcohol or other drug] use, abuse, and dependence); hormones; physiological stress; BAC (blood alcohol concentration); AOD tolerance; reinforcement; biological adaptation; literature review

I assumed I’d pay the car insurance out my next paycheck.  So now my bank account is at $382 with another 6 days until I get paid.  $250 of that was supposed to be for food in the first half of March.  $70 for comcast and$20 for gas.  That leaves me $42 for all my food needs in 6 days lol.  Well, I still have some freezer food at home, and there’s another $139 in my savings account, so from a cash POV there’s no real problem.  The question is just how much unbudgeted money I would need to pull from the next paycheck to pay for March food.  I think there’s usually $120 unbudgeted in that paycheck and gas is usually overbudgeted by $20 ish, so meh.  We’ll see how it goes.

98 days left until June 1.  Less than 100!  That’s like 1% progress per day that I don’t fuck it up.


+$1477 CA tax return

+ $2000 Feb – $49k

+ $5000 March – $48k

+ $5000 April – $47k

+ $5000 May – $46k

= $45777 – $45k mortgage balance.

In other news:

I am doomed!

Rambling and long-winded anecdotes could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, according to research that suggests subtle changes in speech style occur years before the more serious mental decline takes hold.

Worsening “mental imprecision” was the key, rather than people simply being verbose, however. “Many individuals may be long-winded, that’s not a concern,” said Sherman.


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