Would You Even Want It?

5:34AM.  Yuck.  I went to bed a bit early, had some crazy dreams, and then woke up and decided I had to eat.  No that I’m awake, I thought how I relate housing to lifestyle.  As in, when you ask me about my idea life, I’d immediately imagine a house in San Francisco.  When I see my friends buying new houses, I assume their lives are much better.  I assume a person with a big living room with lots of seats must also have lots of friends.  That a person with a nice kitchen nook must have time on the weekend to sit there.

Of course, I know my housing and my life.  If you asked me, would I like to maintain it indefinitely – living here and spending $2000/month or less – I would say hell no.  Ok, fair enough.  Already knew I didn’t want to be here forever.  So what then?  What do I actually want, and how does that square with financial independence?

What if I had $2M?  Sell the condo… start a YT channel.

Another view on the issue is to say, if you thought you wanted to live in a big house for parties, your life would actually need to happen mostly outside that house to maintain the friend network to have the parties.  So you’d want to look at ppl’s lifestyles that way, which is less convenient than scoping Redfin.

[Huzzah!  State refund authorized!]

We authorized your refund on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.


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