Payday… Tomorrow

Mortgage fund is $29k today, $31k tomorrow.  Budget for the first half of March is definitely tight, as I don’t have a bunch of cash hanging out in my bank account still ($230 to cover $70 comcast and 15 days of food ugh).  I should eat some work food on Tuesday and Friday nights to alleviate the food budget a little.

$31k, $34k, $36k, $38k, $41k, $44k

It seems like so many!  But it’s only 3 months.  One of the concepts I’m reading about (by Daniel Kahneman) says that if a person has a bad experience they will remember it more fondly if it has some dessert at the end, i.e. a pleasant ending.  If a good relationship has an especially bad ending, people remember it badly.  I think that’s very interesting.  But what about the expectations of the future?  What can we do to ourselves to force optimism?  Specific planning and visualization?


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