Back to the beginning

I forgot when I started this blog.  I know I started getting serious about money at the end of 2013, but I didn’t remember if I started the blog in July?  Who knows?  My memory is terrible.

May!  I started it in May.  May is kind of a cool month, because it reminds me of May 7, 2014.  10 days before my first blog post, I cut up my last credit card:10327251_10101603177695845_2087042284_n.jpg

On the other hand, May is also the month my cat died.  But also the anniversary of one of my relationships… and also the month in 2016 where I really spent too much money.  With me and May, it’s complicated.

It was a foreign idea then to not have a credit card, just because I’d had one all of my adult life.  It felt like there was a secret rule I was breaking if I didn’t have one.  Fast forward 2.75ish years and my retirement contributions are all maxed.  Great vacations, no debt, and only 14.5% of my mortgage remains.  Sure, some other things have changed – my love life is not what I would have hoped.  I’ve had ups and downs there.  But it’s still very encouraging to look back and see all the progress.  Interesting also, that although I’ve certainly learned a lot in the last few years, my attitude toward the process has remained the same.

They say, today is the first day of the rest of your life.  I guess in the same way, today is always the first day of your current five year plan.  We can always look back over the last year and take stock of what we’ve learned (lol and maybe what we haven’t).  We can gauge the quantity and aim for twice as nice in the following year.  Pick the topic, pick the direction, pick a goal that’s always slightly too optimistic.


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