Reducing “Greed”

Higher taxes “reduces” greed : the interest of making more money once you reach a certain level diminishes strongly as most of it goes towards taxes.

The use of the word “greed” here seems arbitrary.  If we assume that earning more money should be phrased as greed rather than productivity, we’re saying that earning beyond a certain level is a kind of zero-sum “steal it from somebody else” game.  There’s comment here on the impact of taking away an incentive for economic productivity for high performers.  There’s also no distinction between income inequality and minimum standards of living (as a proxy for equal opportunity).

If taxes decrease greed, and decreasing greed is virtuous, then you’re essentially saying stealing from somebody makes them more virtuous.  That seems hard to believe.

Dave Ramsey’s POV seems more that philanthropy decreases greed, and taxes are bad.


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