Yay no groceries

When I woke up today, my phone had a notification saying I’d spent $0 yesterday.  Woohoo!

This morning I also ran out of milk and half’n’half.  Normally I’d go to the grocery store, but I decided yesterday to play the “eat random stuff you otherwise wouldn’t” game.  See how many days I can go without spending anything out of the grocery budget.  Force myself to eat stuff that would otherwise stay in the freezer for 2 more years.  I’m eating this pasta thing at the bottom of the freezer.  I have enough random stuff to last me a few more days… but it will get weird.  If I was really ambitious, I’d actually do an inventory and plan it out.

This is “Trader’s Jacque’s Pasta Shells with Asparagus and Brie.”  I don’t really like asparagus, because it makes my pee smell like nuclear waste, but oh well – the brie dominates.  My kitchen has a pretty good stock of junk food.  Protein powder is getting low but should last another week.  And I think there’s a bunch of beans / pasta / rice, if I want to cook it.  There’s a frozen rack of lamb ribs, but it’s too much for me to eat, and I know I thawed it a few months ago, so I’m not really sure it is still good.  I tend to favor frozen goods b/c I know I’m unreliable and will forget to eat things.

Three good beers.  A bunch of questionably old cheap beers.  Maybe some frozen oatmeal?  I think the key to this game is to stuff my face frequently.  I’m not hungry, there won’t be such an emotional urgency to go out and buy groceries.


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