Exploring what didn’t happen

What if I had bought that house?  We don’t often put serious thought into the paths we didn’t take, so I wanted to review this house I keep on my fridge.  Not because the review will be 100% accurate, but b/c the process of doing the review helps me get better at computing these paths.

It last sold in May 2014 for $610k.  Zillow says it is $900k – let’s pretend that’s true.

I would have purchased it for like $200k down.  $410k loan.  30 years at 4.5%.

  1.  $2890 Monthly Payment (for another 27 years)
  2. Other bedrooms for roommates
  3. $520k equity
  4. Bigass house to clean if I want to sell
  5. Estimated $300-$500 a month in maintenance
  6. Daily commute is 50 min each way, minimum + crazy mountain roads
  7. Close to nature on the weekends
  8. Diderot effect trying to fill it with stuff
  9. Less money for vacations and retirement investment ($55k paid in 3 years on interest and taxes)



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