Haters gonna hate

rich person.PNG
This is me testing out captions.


They leave out a lot of details to spin the story.

  • Horton is Ebony Horton, a black woman
  • Ebony earned $38k at her job
  • Her mother paid $13k for the condo
  • Ebony researched, saved, and purchased two other condos.
  • The cash flow from her, her husband, and the three condos helped to pay off the debt.

$13k is good, but it’s not much compared to $220k.  Let’s say her mom gave her a $13k used car.  Would somebody get a used car as a wedding gift from their parent be called “rich”?  That sounds middle class to me.  The average wedding in America is $25k.  Ebony could have sold the car and bought the same condo at auction.

Is this story not inspiring or educational?  This woman was in a bad situation and took advantage of the opportunities available to her, as well as making her own opportunities to get the debt paid off quickly.  Do people trash these stories to make themselves feel better about their inaction?



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