Boring Last-Week-of-March Planning

On the plus side, I found an unopened bag of naan in my freezer that I didn’t know I had.  I also found some unexpired food left over from a previous Burning Man (admittedly, I don’t know which one lol).

On the minus side… well, there is no minus side, right?  I have $120 of the Safeway gift card money left.  I don’t have much whey protein left at all (and it’s $60 a pop for a new container).  I’ve made good progress consuming freezer stuff, but much of what remains isn’t appetizing… but that’s probably a motivation problem on my part (e.g. I need to spend the time to make what I have more appetizing on the cheap).  I didn’t finish a salad I bought, but  did stretch a $7 Safeway take out plate over 2.5 meals.

I get paid next Friday, so I just need to eat through Thursday.  Tuesday, work will pay for lunch *and* dinner (hooray!).  I paid for gas last Friday, so it’ll probably last me another week if all I do is commute to work.

In my bank account, I have $323.  I’ll still have to pay Comcast, so that’s $250.  Five days of food maybe can only consume $100 Safeway dollars max, so I should end the month with the $250 in my bank account.  In fact, the the Burning Man food, it’s probably possible for me to only spend like $20.  That would put $100 back into the budget and bump the savings up.

First half of April expenses will be:

Name Amount
Mortgage $1,137.00
HOA $320.00
PGE $75.00
AT&T Phone $103.00
gas $50.00
Bird Storage $130.00
audible $15.00
Food $100.00

Which will leave me with $1985 that I can save toward mortgage payoff.  $2085 if I can stand eating chili four nights in a row.  $36,963 is then roughly the total and I’m ~78.7% through the slog.  The next paycheck would be 84%.

Q:  How much money is in my piggy bank?  I should probably use up that crap on food money for the beginning of April.  It probably son’t get me to an even $37k, but it’s probably better than just sitting around inside a pig.

It is important for me to remember going into April that this is historically the time of year when I get tired of saving and vacation / escapist spending becomes even more tempting.

Never give up!   Never surrender!


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