There are things I want to do and get once the condo is paid off.  I need to list and rank them so that I prioritize what will help me reach my long term goals (develop a financial education program and spread it) and limit to a reasonable amount the stuff that isn’t great for that (e.g. a mini gaming computer).

What I’ve done now is listed out things that sound generally appealing.  Then I sorted them into categories.  Then I bolded and greened the things in each category that either seem inexpensive or especially appealing.

One thing I’ve learned from looking at this list is that I would really much rather engage with people online rather than in person when it comes to teaching.  The other thing is that I’d really much rather hire someone to help me make the video content so I can focus all my brain on making the content good instead of the technical details of editing.  Maybe this is just me being lazy… usually I force myself to do everything.

Another thing is that I really don’t feel like contributing to the retirement accounts.  I know retirement is important, but I also know that I’ll probably be okay (not luxury) for retirement just given my current assets.  If I pause on retirement for a couple years while I’m trying to get something off the ground, it’s not the end of the world.


  • simpler, more appealing clothing / appearance
  • a party to celebrate condo payoff
  • dinners / dinner parties to connect with people
  • renting a space for financial education
  • I need to think of more options in this category

Time Saving:

  • a cleaning service
  • gym membership (arguably wrong category)


  • another trip to SE asia
  • another trip to NYC
  • Future Burning Man
  • Financial Independence Conference
  • NW Hiking Trip


  • renovate kitchen
  • renovate bathroom
  • paint walls
  • working dishwasher
  • fix heater
  • new blinds in kitchen
  • install projector on ceiling


  • Video editing stuff (software / camera / mike / digital whiteboard)
  • hire somebody to help me create the videos
  • pay for marketing to blog posts
  • activate domain for this blog


  • mini pc / ps4 pro / xbox scorpio / nintendo switch / vr headset
  • movies and tv shows (e.g. dekalog, the wailing blu ray)
  • Bigger yoga mat
  • apple watch band
  • upgraded plex server, shield tv/tablet


  • 401k, IRA, HSA
  • Beefy emergency fund

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