Successful March

Was successful.

March 2017 comparison.PNG

last 12 month spending march 2017.PNG

(Much of the height of these expenditure lines is due to paying large amounts of principal on the mortgage… if we subtracted that out, 2016 expenditures wouldn’t look nearly as relatively high.)

Mint puts the spending at $2,209 for March, which I think is probably the lowest I’ve ever spent in recent memory.  Consider that my per month housing spending is $1,137+$320+$130 = $1,587, that’s already up to 71% of $2,209.  In the past, if I had a $3,100 month, that was pretty good.

According to Mint, Feb was $2,739.  Still pretty good.  I hate to pay auto insurance and had more grocery costs during that month.

Jan was $5,762.  It included $300 in charity, $640 in yo-yos, $3,350 in HSA, $150 new car battery, in some misc. expenses (e.g. cat care from Xmas travel, a video game).  If I subtract out the HSA and add in a mortgage payment, we get $3,549.  Subtract out the yo-yos and charity and I get $2,609.  Not as good as March but still pretty good.

As time goes on, I think the yo-yos match less and less with how I see myself.  I think that’s an interesting thing… how we value options based on their interaction with out current identity.  That we don’t actually value them in isolation, according to their inherent properties, but as members of a system where many times we haven’t explicitly called out the other parts of the system that lend value to the items.

April is on track so far… $10 off schedule from a hike.

april 2017.PNG


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