The Sin Bin

I’m reading a book about investing ( by the same guy who wrote “Stocks for the Long Run” (which I read earlier and recommend

“The Future For Investors” highlighted the good returns of companies peddling sugar and tobacco.  That got me thinking about vice investing.

Also, BTW if you want to get a good inspirational audio book at a good price, do this:

  1.  Join Amazon Prime (yes this costs $120 or something… you’ll have to decide if the myriad of benefits it offers are worth it to you)
  2. Get the Kindle version of “The ONE Thing” for free.
  3. They will offer you to the Audible audio spoken version for $5.  It’s normally $35 or 1 credit ($15), so you save $10-$25.  And the book is all about hyper focusing on a single goal to get shit done.

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