FPU 3 Class overview

Q:  What can I observe from this outline about his overall approach?  Why did he choose these three topics as the first three?  Why does he wait until the 4th class to discuss paying off debt (which is what he is known for)?

I.  Super Saving [bible says we gotta do good w/ money]

  1. Where did this course come from and why does it exist?
  2. Summary of what the class is – baby steps
  3. He then goes into detail about savings. [13 min. in].
  4. Transitions to reconciling money management w/  religion
  5. Why save?
  6. Credit cards used for emergencies (debt trap)

II.  Relating with Money [whole family has to be on same page about money]

  1. Money and Relationships.
  2. Make men are from mars / women are from venus
  3. Statistics around savings and divorce.
  4. Singles and money
  5. Kids and Money
  6. Wrap up

III.  Cash Flow Planning [monthly written plan for money]

  1. This is about behavior.
  2. Money is active.
  3. Cash Flow Plan Every Month
  4. A series of pitfalls.
  5. Reasons to do a cash flow plan
  6. The zero based budget is the most powerful way to plan.
  7. Super exciting scream time
  8. Look at the key 3 forms, the boring part.  Last 10 minutes.

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