what if

What if the condo gained $100k in 2 years?

  • I’d only get $80k of that if I sold
  • For that to happen, the stock market would likely need to increase a bunch
  • If it went up 20% in 2 years, that’s probably the peak, a bad place to get stuck (although that’s $80k more cushion than what I have now)
  • I’d be stuck in SJ / SJ jobs for the next 2 years.  I’d be 34 when I sold.
  • I could save $17k more ($700/month *24), which kinda cancels out the tax thing.
  • I wouldn’t be able to invest in that rising market…
  • I’d stay less diversified for 2 more years
  • If it was only $50k / $40k gain, I could probably get that through an expanded job search selling the condo would make easier.

Renting is camping.  Renting is patience.  🙂 😦


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