April 23 Update

Personal Capital Said I’d spent something crazy like $800 more than last month.  I looked, and it turns out they just recorded duplicating checking transactions, so I had to clean that up.  After the cleaning, it show my cash flow down $277 since last month.  If I subtract out the $60 in my Lending Club account, we have $217.  What was it?

  • $65 at Home Depot for five stackable 27 gallons totes when I decided to start packing.  They’re now stacked in my closet and overall probably make things a little tidier.
  • $62 at Frys for a raspberry pi 3 (breaking my electronics rule, sigh… but I reused the microsd card from a phone, so at least I didn’t spend money on that… I need to think about where to setup my extra HDMI monitor so that I actually get to play 5 min. of mario per day :-P)
  • ~$130 at Amazon for protein powder
  • $12 to Sony for video games (also breaking my rules…)

So all that is $269.  Today I got a haircut for $25.  Not the worst thing in the world, but I need to chill out on the out-of-bounds spending.

On a different note, I withdrew $5000 from Betterment, and it still hasn’t deposited to my bank account.  They said it would take 3-4 days.  I need the money to book the Airbnbs for the August hiking trip.  So… good that the money takes so damn long to access, but I should allow at least a week when I withdraw the money to pay off the condo.  I wonder if they have any transfer limits that are going to bite me in the ass… I wouldn’t be surprised.

Next paycheck is Friday, and then I should be at $42.5k / $46k.  So close… but still a month away from when I should request the payoff (June 1 or June 15).

I’ve been reading the debt resistance pdf I posted earlier.  It is honestly kind of depressing, just from the POV that the authors find it more productive to try and game large companies than to do real, productive work.  The pdf is also full of things that simply aren’t true.  Perhaps it would be useful if I produced an annotated version.


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