Savings vs. Debt

Here’s a view of my long term behavior treating the mortgage payoff from the negative POV.

The first has no overlap, but the time scale is distorted.  It pretty clearly shows that once 2016 hits, I liquidate my EJ single account in order to pay off big chunks of mortgage.

long term debt payoff 1

The timescale is correct here, but the overlap is a little annoying to me.  Kind of interesting that it’s only in mid-2016 that I’m able to say I have as much invested as I have remaining mortgage debt.  When I pay off the condo, I’ll have zero debt, so nothing will be below the x axis.  Hooray!

In this graph you can see the 2016 liquidation / mortgage payoff, and there’s a nice purple tumor of Betterment savings (as well as a beefy USAA savings account) waiting to kill the rest.

debt and savings 2



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