Time Travel for Fun and Profit

I have 11 full days left before the condo payoff.  It seems so short!  And so long.  The beginning of 2016 seems so recent, but I realize how long the wait seemed when I began planning then.  It’s a natural question to ask, when you have a long term goal, how you will enjoy the time (ignore the fact that you haven’t achieved your goal yet).  How you will distract yourself with pleasant things, but not break discipline, all while not regretting how you lived during that time.


My recommendations:

  1.  People.  They are hella fun.  Developing relationships with them is good.  You’ll never regret the time.
  2. New, cheap, places.  Walk somewhere you haven’t gone before.  Go to a new hiking trail.  Go to a grocery store you don’t normally go to.  The brain loves remembering new places, so if you fill a year with them, you’ll remember a lot of it.
  3. Build something.  Later you can look at it and marvel at how brilliant you are, even when it took you 300 days to do it (but you forgot 298 of them).

In fact, I think time travel is an integral part of slogging.  Habit formation and time travel ftw.

I’ve been watching this guy on YouTube.  I don’t think he’s great, but he’s doing more than me!


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