I was reminded of the engineer living out of his truck.  He said he made $175k / year out of college.  I got savings-rate jealous (and a little income jealous).  I have a higher net worth than him, but I’m also a geezer by comparison, so there’s that.  I realize it’s a bad comparison… I shouldn’t strive to be a frugal engineer.  I should strive to a well connected entrepreneur (and count my blessings… literally).

This morning a friend showed me the layout of the future studio apartment of her about-to-be-married friend.


In sq. footage, it appears to be ~350 for 2 people.  That’s 25% of the space on a per-person basis compared with my condo, and she’s pretty thrilled about it, having taken the time to arrange the furniture using some kind of software tool as seen above.

She’s lived with her mom (and slept in the same room) her whole life, so this new experience of living with her husband in their own space must be really cool.  But if we take one of my other FB friends (censored to protect the innocent).

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.07.28 AM.png

They are currently in the process of building a new house.  The house is likely 5.7X larger than the studio apartment first mentioned.  We see the classic spending entitlement language like “you deserve it,” “princess,” “works hard.”  I do not know what their numbers are, and for sure, real estate in their area is a fraction of what it costs in California, so it could be that buying a brand new home fits well w/ their retirement, especially if both are working.

But I just wanted to point out how both people are happy.  How happy we are about what we have is a function of what we expect to have.


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