Priorities After Payoff

Off the top of my head…

–> occurred to me, I should set a floor for saving (e.g. $24k b/c that’s about the retirement account max, and a decent total for the year

–> BUT, what I really need to set goals for is the number of people I can reach in X amount of time to help them w/ money

  1.  be more social (fill up your calendar)
  2. make some youtube videos
  3. wear a suit
  4. emergency fund (roughly $10k = 6 months)
  5. get maid (need to schedule soon)
  6. regular cardio / weight lifting (join gym for morning convenience?)
  7. Buy July ticket ($500 or more?)
  8. buy new dishwasher ($500)
  9. fix bathroom floor ($$$)
  10. save $6000/month

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