Pre-payoff square up

A lot of big charges have come through (paid for all the Airbnb for the PNW trip, paid for HOA dues, etc).  So it’s a good time to see what I have to work with for next Monday.

$661 is my checking balance

Remaining 1st half month expenses:

PGE ($67)

Audible ($15)

and then I just pay for food.  $579.

In savings, I’ll have $2321 after the payoff.  Second half of month expenses are $635, so worst case scenario, I’ll have $1500 in savings and blow $821 on a maid and a dishwasher (unlikely).

At the end of May, I’ll add another $3k, bringing savings to $4.5k, about 3 months.  At the end of June, it’ll be more like $10.5k.  It’s all still making sense!  Actually, I think my home insurance will come due, so that’ll absorb ~$900 from the savings.  I’m thinking in July I’ll continue to build up savings.  At some point I then might switch 100% of paycheck to 401k to try and kill it in a month.  Plus, the HSA and the IRA can be done with lump sumps later on, so I think there’s real value in building back the emergency fund to much more pleasant levels ($20k+), especially if I might be selling the condo in early 2018.

Ok, now look at these nice techie people who aren’t using up any precious Si Valley real estate:


Need to work out a budget for what I might do after selling the condo.


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