Net Worth Reset

I’ve always thought that when I paid it off, I’d remove the condo from my net worth in Personal Capital.  I included it up to now b/c it gave me a sense of accomplishment and momentum.  Now that it’s paid off, I need to focus on increasing and diversifying my (liquid) net worth.

net worth.PNG

This is my Personal Capital graph from inception w/ out the condo value (but including the mortgage debt).  You can see, like the Long Term Savings chart I posted earlier, that my net worth measured this way only became positive in mid-2016.

By this guy’s standards, I’m way ahead on real estate but behind on investing.

The funny disconnect jump at the beginning of 2017 is when I stupidly removed my Edward Jones / old work 401k accounts, which removed their history, so the rollovers appears like some crazy jump, when really it’s just the historical data that’s been lost.  (Oh well).

2015 is so depressing and slow in part b/c of the missing 401k data, but also because my money was still invested with the vampire loser Edward Jones.

I have $120k, but only about $2500 of it is cash right now, and I have a $900 home insurance payment coming up soon.  As long as I get another couple months of salary and savings under my belt, things will be fine.  When I planned the payoff for today, I knew that this would be an uncomfortable position, but I also knew that I have a long history of being cash brokeass, and so far I haven’t suffered any horrible consequence.  I have stuff I could sell if shit hit the fan.

Ok, so broadly speaking, the goal now is to get this chart to $600k+ as fast as possible (before inflation makes $600k the cost of a car lol).

In the near term, I’m thinking about trying to save $20-$24k over the next 4 months.  That would put me in a very stable position (12 months of emergency fund).  With that emergency fund, I could just set my paycheck to be 100% 401k and max it ASAP later in the year.

The alternative is to retain a smaller emergency fund of closer to $10k, and then do something more like $6k per paycheck for 3 months.  If I did that, I’d wouldn’t be giving up the 401k benefit to go to a different company.

The former is attractive b/c it gives me more flexibility and has less of a wage slave mind to it (which I need to get out of, but not in a stupid way).  The latter appeals to the part of my brain that hates the fact that I lose the option to contribute if I don’t.


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