Beat the Bush Response

I kind of like this guy and am also kind of annoyed.

He’s a warmer person than me, but I think some of his ideas, particularly around credit, are a distracting waste of time.

Here’s his net worth chart:

bush net worth.PNG

He shows a net worth chart, so I’ll show mine (badump ching).

net worth trend.PNG

What occurs to me is that my upward slope from 2012 onward should be more exponential.  I think the fact that I stuck with Edward Jones really destroyed my returns during this really profitable period in the stock market… definitely an expensive lesson.

Anyhow, as far as I can tell, my rate of increase is actually higher than his.  But this is kind of fake in the sense that… the lower net worth you start with, the higher the compounding return you calculate.  The equation is like

Compounding Return = (End_Value / Start_Value)^(1/num_years) – 1

By this formula, my number is around 50% annually.


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