Steel Moka Pot

For a few years, I’ve wanted a steel moka pot.  Partially b/c there’s some evidence that aluminum cookware has adverse health effects, and partially b/c I use a moka pot every morning and the novelty of a different pot seems appealing.

It’s $37.  Before I decided to really change, I would buy it automatically, as soon as I wanted it.  The struggle for me would be *not* buying it.  But now I have the opposite problem.  I know I want it, and I know I’m in the financial position to buy it.  I even know I’d use it.  But I’ve trained myself so well to avoid buying physical items that in order to buy it, I have to overcome the emotional aversion to losing money.  For the steel moka pot, that hasn’t happened yet.

Definitely part of it is that emergency fund isn’t rebuilt.  Another part is that I still have plane tickets and insurance to pay for.  I guess if these were taken care of, I’d just buy it.


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