Let’s look at getting rid of my car.  The car is worth maybe $7k.  I usually spend ~$75 on gas every month and around $70 on car insurance.  Oil changes maybe twice a year ($60).  Registration every year ($180).  I’ll pretend that also covers smog.  Also, there’s probably crash washes, $25 / year.  Let’s throw in $30 of random maintenance per year.

I’m going to ignore depreciation as a significant source of loss now.

Cost per year:

$1740+$295 = $2035.  $169/month.  About $6 / day.  Not bad.

If I got rid of my car, when might I want to buy a car again?  For how many years would $2035 be a meaningful savings amount?

At the end of 5 years, I could have $22,296.


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