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Credit Frozen

Just froze my credit with Transunion, Experian, and Equifax as a security measure against identity theft / people opening accounts in my name.  Transunion and Experian charged $10 each to freeze it.  Equifax did it for free.  I have to remember some PIN numbers in order to unfreeze it.  I wonder how / if this will impact Credit Karma’s reporting?  It was surprisingly easy, anyway.  I also disputed a card that I was an authorized user on but never really used.  I want zero open accounts!  But they rejected it, saying “disclosure is not eligible for dispute.”

Also, this reports Bank of America requested a credit report about a week after I paid off my mortgage.  Why were they allowed to do that?  For what purpose?

Today, on the way to work, I finished the book “Debt: The first 5000 years.”  It became painfully obvious toward the end of the book the author was politically so far left that it called into question the quality of his historical research and analysis.  He spoke of how terrible it was for him to pay off his own student loans.

28 June Update

Still on track for $8k in the emergency fund, but I’ve definitely spent a good amount on shopping in June:

  • Manduka mat $98.53
  • automatic cat feeder $140
  • desk light $29.99
  • comic $10.19
  • The Thing $14.67
  • Tomie $24.36
  • Steam ($19.39+$57.48+$37.25)
  • PS4 games ($12.49+$29.99+$22.23+$5.99)
  • EA Games ($23.99+$4.99)
  • Poetry book ($29)

Total: $560.54

Let’s look at categories…

june 2017 wasteful spending.PNG

Just eyeballing, about half the spending was bad.  Video games, movies, and maybe half the books.

The cat feeder is awesome b/c it saves me so much time at home (the cat is using it, and it’s working well!).  I haven’t been using the yoga mat like I should… I’m lazy.  I also haven’t spent any time on the books.  The desk light was a good gift that I’m proud of.

Overall, not a great month, but I got all the games on summer sales, spending about $5-$10 per game most of the time.  This is the “celebration” month for paying off the condo, and I’m saving $3k out of the next paycheck, so I still feel okay.  In future months I’ll definitely spend less on games.  I’ll probably spend the same amount on cats (they need a new cat tree).  The yoga mat was a one time cost.  The other stuff wasn’t that expensive, so I don’t care.

June 22, 2017 Update

I’ve bought some discounted video games, but nothing big.  Still have around $5000 in emergency cash.  On track for $8000 at the next pay check.

Went up to SF and ended up spending $220 for dinner and 2 escape rooms.  I think my share of that was only $120 b/c the girlfriend paid $100.  San Francisco is like that… we went to a tapas restaurant, and I think it ended up being $50/person.  I don’t regret it, but I’d probably try to avoid doing it again.  Expensive and lots of driving time.  Cheaper ways to spend time with friends…

I need to budget some money for a wedding gift.

I’ve been thinking about the fastest way to impart the most valuable information.  The best I’ve come up with is ratios… Budget ratios leading to net worth ratios.  It seems a little technical though… I feel kind of like I’m floating around in limbo right now.  Lately I’ve been thinking about life milestones and what I need to do to feel like I’m moving forward.  I’ve already check the box on job, car, and home.  Get married?  Have a kid?  I never really thought of the purpose of my life in terms of making a kid.  It seemed like something fun that you’d do on the way.

I’ve been looking at real estate in San Francisco.  Maybe living up there would make me feel like more stuff was happening.  But of course it’s so expensive… I’d really have to be convinced that there was a real payoff.  More and more, I see people moving away from SF and not toward it.  Again, what’s the point of living in SF unless you’re spending a bunch of money on going out?

I’ve also been looking at technology upgrades, but I know they wouldn’t bring much happiness.  It’s just pure escapism, so I really need to avoid those purchases, because they are large and they get me off track.

Pay Day

I transferred everything but $1000 out of checking.  Wallet has $345.  Savings account is $966.  $2k in Betterment safety net and $2k into Betterment tax coordinated investment.

I opened a separate taxable account in Betterment to take advantage of their tax coordinated portfolio.  My account empire grows!  Maybe next paycheck I will get a dish washer.

I should probably start contributing to my 2017 401(k).  I don’t want to be caught by surprise at the end of the year.  I’m thinking just make it $1500/paycheck, $3k a month.  My cash hoard can grow by $1500/pay check starting in July.