Extra Spending

I’ve been a bit more free with the spending recently, so let’s tally up.  Also, there have been a number of expenses that have come up recently (home insurance, family visit flights, etc.) that have left me feeling a bit broke ass as I’m trying to re-build my emergency fund.

Of the purchases I categorized as “extra,” I found $830 since the condo payoff that weren’t in the budget:

Nvidia shield tv $239.25
handy cleaning $198.00
social $165.36
manduka $98.53
bevmo $79.71
Steam $29.99
Car wash $15.99
starbucks $3.25

extra spending may 2017.PNG

How do these line up with my goals?  Well, the Shield TV probably doesn’t really.  It’s something I use at night before I go to bed.  It’s mostly a solo activity – the controller even has a headphone input to make sure your bed partner can’t hear the TV.  I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit though.

The second biggest category is home cleaning.  I ordered 2 home cleanings with two weeks in between them.  This was in preparation for my girlfriend arriving.  I like how much cleaner things are, but mostly it’s for her benefit, so I think I’d actually put cleaning into more of the social category.

The social category as marked above includes paying for a couple dinners and a couple escape rooms.  No regrets on that spending, even if the restaurants were pricier than my typical taco (which I like quite a lot and don’t include in the extra spending b/c it’s about as cheap was what I eat w/ groceries).

Next is extra long manduka mat I finally bought (40% off) but haven’t used yet (but probably should use).  They want me to “break it in” with sea salt.  There’s even a fun video (meaning I make fun of it) about it:

Since I’ve been “borrowing” one from work for several months, this seems like an okay purchase.  But I need to actually use it!

Next category is Bevmo, which I really didn’t need, but which I’ll be able to offer to people when they visit the (now clean) condo.  It is sake and dessert wine.

$29.99 on Steam / PC game was for an expansion of Fallout 4.  Really not necessary and I don’t have time to play it… and I already own it on PS4.

The car wash was $16… and that was definitely some dude ego stuff.  Kind of like if I was a girl and got a manicure.  My body is shitty so I’ll just make my car look better :-P.

The last was $3.25 at Starbucks.  Why is this worth discussing?  I do this to spend the time w/ my coworkers walking to the coffee shop.  Is it worth the money?  I’m not sure.  I don’t do it every day.  It’s something I need to think about.

My takeaways from all this are…

  1.  Spring is an expensive time of year for me.  I already knew that, but I’m just seeing how it plays out exactly in 2017.
  2. Gadgets are expensive and not particularly social.  $830 is a lot of money to have spend outside the budget… a Nintendo Switch is not in my immediate future.
  3. The cleaning cost is high but has now been dialed back to $100/month, and I think I’ll keep it there… maybe try to find a better rate.
  4. Bevmo and steam need to be limited more in the future.
  5. The social stuff was great and not too expensive.

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