June 22, 2017 Update

I’ve bought some discounted video games, but nothing big.  Still have around $5000 in emergency cash.  On track for $8000 at the next pay check.

Went up to SF and ended up spending $220 for dinner and 2 escape rooms.  I think my share of that was only $120 b/c the girlfriend paid $100.  San Francisco is like that… we went to a tapas restaurant, and I think it ended up being $50/person.  I don’t regret it, but I’d probably try to avoid doing it again.  Expensive and lots of driving time.  Cheaper ways to spend time with friends…

I need to budget some money for a wedding gift.

I’ve been thinking about the fastest way to impart the most valuable information.  The best I’ve come up with is ratios… Budget ratios leading to net worth ratios.  It seems a little technical though… I feel kind of like I’m floating around in limbo right now.  Lately I’ve been thinking about life milestones and what I need to do to feel like I’m moving forward.  I’ve already check the box on job, car, and home.  Get married?  Have a kid?  I never really thought of the purpose of my life in terms of making a kid.  It seemed like something fun that you’d do on the way.

I’ve been looking at real estate in San Francisco.  Maybe living up there would make me feel like more stuff was happening.  But of course it’s so expensive… I’d really have to be convinced that there was a real payoff.  More and more, I see people moving away from SF and not toward it.  Again, what’s the point of living in SF unless you’re spending a bunch of money on going out?

I’ve also been looking at technology upgrades, but I know they wouldn’t bring much happiness.  It’s just pure escapism, so I really need to avoid those purchases, because they are large and they get me off track.


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