28 June Update

Still on track for $8k in the emergency fund, but I’ve definitely spent a good amount on shopping in June:

  • Manduka mat $98.53
  • automatic cat feeder $140
  • desk light $29.99
  • comic $10.19
  • The Thing $14.67
  • Tomie $24.36
  • Steam ($19.39+$57.48+$37.25)
  • PS4 games ($12.49+$29.99+$22.23+$5.99)
  • EA Games ($23.99+$4.99)
  • Poetry book ($29)

Total: $560.54

Let’s look at categories…

june 2017 wasteful spending.PNG

Just eyeballing, about half the spending was bad.  Video games, movies, and maybe half the books.

The cat feeder is awesome b/c it saves me so much time at home (the cat is using it, and it’s working well!).  I haven’t been using the yoga mat like I should… I’m lazy.  I also haven’t spent any time on the books.  The desk light was a good gift that I’m proud of.

Overall, not a great month, but I got all the games on summer sales, spending about $5-$10 per game most of the time.  This is the “celebration” month for paying off the condo, and I’m saving $3k out of the next paycheck, so I still feel okay.  In future months I’ll definitely spend less on games.  I’ll probably spend the same amount on cats (they need a new cat tree).  The yoga mat was a one time cost.  The other stuff wasn’t that expensive, so I don’t care.


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