July Update

July 17.  Condo has been paid off for a little over two months now, so I’m in a better position to say the impact that payoff has had on me.  Have I already become accustomed to the idea that I no longer have a mortgage payment?  Do I feel a great sense of relief?

As far as anxiety goes, it’s clear that the amount of coffee I consume has the biggest impact on my anxiety levels in the afternoon.  Mortgage payoff can’t change that.  But not having huge chunks of money come out of my checking account every month is really nice.  I’ve spent $768 outside of budget in July for gifts (wedding gift, gift to parents, souvenirs from GA trip).  It’s my biggest category of spending so far, and that’s not bad.  I did buy a $143 knife for myself.

Real Estate websites have the condo ranging from $346k to $433k, and the RE agent said she’d start it at $410k.  Google wants to build some big complex about 2 miles away.  The value seems high and increasingly stable.  Investments have also done really well in the last month, so much so that I’m hesitant to invest more, thinking that there will be another little dip in the next month or two that would be a better time to buy.  In any case, having a bigger emergency fund at the moment wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I learned that a house in the north GA mountains could have much, much lower property taxes than I pay in CA.  $1300 in GA vs. $2400 in CA.  You just have to agree to not chop down the trees on your property.  No big deal for me b/c I like trees.

Excluding the condo, $63k net worth increase since the beginning of the year (195 days, $323/day).  $29,760 in the last 90 days ($330/day).  That’s pretty great.  I still need to max out the retirement accounts, the HSA, etc.

Event though I froze my credit, Mint updated my credit score to 770.  Credit Karma is reporting 743/744.  I read somewhere that Credit Karma can’t work w/ frozen credit, so probably those scores aren’t as recent as they claim.  Clarity Money reports my score as 743 (as of June 24).


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