Pay Day!

$4000 in the bank account, and people owe me about $930.  $4930 to divide up among my priorities.  I don’t want to budget for my vacation… but I know I should.  Let’s start with the basics

$750 + $250 food = $1000 for basics in the first half of August.  So really I’m looking at how to spend $3930.

I get paid about halfway through my vacation, Tuesday the 15th, so really I don’t need to allocate that much out of my current paycheck for food.  I’ll leave back $500 for that stuff (and probably won’t use it all).  $3430 remaining.  I haven’t actually been paid back yet, so really it’s like $2730 that I have to work with in my current account.  I can either blow it on a fancy toy or save it.  I could hold back an extra $500 for unplanned expenses.  Shouldn’t I know what those are by now??  If I do it that way, then I’ll be safe but I won’t have enough to comfortably buy anything dumb… but I should probably think of some criteria that would allow me to buy the things I want (selling other things?).  Ok… that’s what I’ll do.  Let’s say $2500 into savings now…

I split it evenly between the build wealth (VTI) and safety net.  I really need a place just to keep cash (that is hard to access).  Being forced to buy stocks or bonds through Betterment… when they’re both inflated.  Bleh.

Just updated my Roth 401(k) contribution rate to $2000 per pay period.  Yay optimistic for income in my 60s…  I should also budget some money to take care of most of the $2500ish property tax bill I know is coming in early October.

Totally different note.

Drugs, gambling, and bad health are financial nukes.


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