Boring Vacation Money Planning

I’m excited about my upcoming vacation.  Time to do some money planning around it.  I’ve spent around $150 in August on movies and shows:

$62.35 complete Blu-Ray Start Trek The Next Generation

$48.06 complete Blu-Ray Miami Vice (these discs have tiny defects that cause them to not rip well 😦 maybe I should return…)

$43.62 complete DVD of Sliders (1995)

Cool stuff, and I probably overpaid a little, but to have spent $150 out of budget and it only be 5 days into the month… I need to chill out.

Approx Date Name Amount
10 HOA $320.00
11 PGE $60.00
12 AT&T Phone $108.00
15 gas $20.00
2 Bird Storage 0
audible 15
July comcast 0
cleaning 0
Savings 0
Food 200
oil change 50
savings 750
remaining outgo $1,523.00
unspent money $2207.57
vacation? $684.57

I just set all the stuff that’s already paid to zero.  Am I forgetting anything?  I had an oil change yesterday.  Unplanned… my check engine light just came on so 5 minutes later I dropped my car off across the street from the office.  Oil change and tire rotation: $50.

On the 15th, which is a Tuesday, I get my next paycheck, which will be for around $1982 because I have the 401(k) hose turned on now.  About $950 of that paycheck is current unaccounted for in the budget, but I already know I have property tax and car insurance coming up in the fall.  Christmas plans are TBD, so I’m not sure how to budget travel for that.

With the $2500 I put into savings when I got paid, the $750 puts me at $5250 savings for money I was paid in July.  June was $7617.72.  But by the same measure May was $0 because I was paying off the condo.

$7617 / 3 paychecks (May 31, June 15, June 30) = $2539

$5250 / 2 paychecks (July 15, July 31) = $2625

~66% savings rate since paying off the condo.  That’d be about $2654 spending per month.  $654 above where I want to be.

If I split the extra $950 from the August 15th paycheck between savings and spending, I’ll be on track to maintain the same pattern.  There’s kind of a paradox in that… A coworker invited me to a costume party last night.  It was $40/person, so I’d have to spend $80 to go w/ my date.  To spend time with other people.  If I don’t do that, then I’m at home… and at home I’m much more likely to putter around on Massdrop or Amazon looking at things to collect/hoard.  Pick your poison!



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