I’ve spent about $400 in August on:

Game of Thrones Complete $71.91
Faster blu ray ripper $120.16
twilight zone complete $71
star trek tng complete $61.02
family guy movies + scarface $25.10
audio book and dvd $10
miami vice complete $48

Today, that yo-yo I mentioned earlier is for sale, but when I work out my vacation budget:

in bank account: $1479
hoa dues $320
pge $65
money i’m holding for friend $280
vacation money $384
titanium peak yo-yo $310
groceries $120
 leftover 0

I’ll have $580 for the first part of the vacation (covering 2 people) if I buy the yo-yo, but I’ll have $974 if I don’t buy it.

I don’t think I’ll spend $664… so it’s probably fine for me to buy it… but having only $664 stresses me out.  If I don’t buy the yo-yo now, some unknown chance it will sell out before my next paycheck.

But let’s back up:

  1.  I already have a ton of titanium yo-yos
  2. I already have way to many god damn yo-yos
  3. This is such a first world problem… how the hell can this be stressful for me?  What am I doing with my life?

Because I know these things, I haven’t bought it yet.  But holy crap, I’m a moron.

What if I die and I never own this yo-yo.  Am I going to say on my death bed… if only… I had… this yo-yo… I can’t keep.  *dies*

If I buy it, it will mean 18% of that paycheck went to bullshit (currently I’m at 10.2%).


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