I’m a 29 y/o software engineer living in San Jose.  I grew up in GA in a nice ranch house that cost $140k.  Every day, I walk around looking at smaller houses in my area that cost $1M.

When I turned 29, I started panicking that I was about to be 30.  I was still living in a condo, had only $50k saved for retirement, and I had no idea how I’d be able to afford one of the $800k houses in my area.  So I went back and started looking again at a lot of the advice I’d been given (e.g. my step dad told me to invest at least 50% of my income).

I started listening to Dave Ramsey and decided to pay off my condo as fast as possible.  I read the Millionaire Next Door and decided that buying a house in my area was probably stupid in the long run, so I should suck it up and live in the condo as long as possible.  Still not sure how that’s going to be compatible with my goal of having a family.

Well, the picture is good and bad.  Given my engineering income, I can probably get a million dollars in the next ten years.  But to do it, I’m going to have to live a spartan lifestyle, learn boring things about investment, and learn how to make income outside my job.  On the plus side, I’ll come out of it smelling like a raise.

I’m an extreme person.  I don’t like doing things halfway.  I really get “into” things.  This blog is mainly a way to keep myself on track for my 5-year plan, to learn more about myself, hold myself accountable.  I don’t really expect it to get traffic.  In fact, so far the posts are written very selfishly, so probably other people aren’t going to find them all that interesting.

If you’re still reading, you either know me or you’re weird.  If you’re weird and not yet wealthy, I invite you to comment and join me on this mildly painful “living like nobody else so later you can live like nobody else” journey.  We can increase our chances of success!


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