I started listening to a book recommended by Mr Money Mustache:

I’m only about 30 min. in, but it mentioned “wanting what you already have” as a route to banish the dissatisfaction of always wanting more.  I think I’ve done a lot of that in the last few years.  If you want what you already have, then why try to change things for the better?  If it’s an “and” rather than an “or” – in what proportion?

Say you take a hybrid model where you divide your life into sections (house, car, marriage, etc.).  You set goals for them… and you only allow yourself one round of goals for each.  Is that any better?

Boring Vacation Money Planning

I’m excited about my upcoming vacation.  Time to do some money planning around it.  I’ve spent around $150 in August on movies and shows:

$62.35 complete Blu-Ray Start Trek The Next Generation

$48.06 complete Blu-Ray Miami Vice (these discs have tiny defects that cause them to not rip well 😦 maybe I should return…)

$43.62 complete DVD of Sliders (1995)

Cool stuff, and I probably overpaid a little, but to have spent $150 out of budget and it only be 5 days into the month… I need to chill out.

Approx Date Name Amount
10 HOA $320.00
11 PGE $60.00
12 AT&T Phone $108.00
15 gas $20.00
2 Bird Storage 0
audible 15
July comcast 0
cleaning 0
Savings 0
Food 200
oil change 50
savings 750
remaining outgo $1,523.00
unspent money $2207.57
vacation? $684.57

I just set all the stuff that’s already paid to zero.  Am I forgetting anything?  I had an oil change yesterday.  Unplanned… my check engine light just came on so 5 minutes later I dropped my car off across the street from the office.  Oil change and tire rotation: $50.

On the 15th, which is a Tuesday, I get my next paycheck, which will be for around $1982 because I have the 401(k) hose turned on now.  About $950 of that paycheck is current unaccounted for in the budget, but I already know I have property tax and car insurance coming up in the fall.  Christmas plans are TBD, so I’m not sure how to budget travel for that.

With the $2500 I put into savings when I got paid, the $750 puts me at $5250 savings for money I was paid in July.  June was $7617.72.  But by the same measure May was $0 because I was paying off the condo.

$7617 / 3 paychecks (May 31, June 15, June 30) = $2539

$5250 / 2 paychecks (July 15, July 31) = $2625

~66% savings rate since paying off the condo.  That’d be about $2654 spending per month.  $654 above where I want to be.

If I split the extra $950 from the August 15th paycheck between savings and spending, I’ll be on track to maintain the same pattern.  There’s kind of a paradox in that… A coworker invited me to a costume party last night.  It was $40/person, so I’d have to spend $80 to go w/ my date.  To spend time with other people.  If I don’t do that, then I’m at home… and at home I’m much more likely to putter around on Massdrop or Amazon looking at things to collect/hoard.  Pick your poison!